Saturday, 27 December 2014

6 foods low in calories

Some things to keep in mind when we call fast food is high in fat than fried, grilled dishes, so called small dishes instead of calling a combo, soft drinks, potato chips are rich in calories and fat. .. Listed below are the anti-fat snacks that we can call in sufficient quantities without thinking about the weight or excess energy.

KFC's Grilled Chicken Breast
Most of the dishes on the menu are fried KFC, and himself the name of the restaurant chain has highlighted the great fried chicken theirs. But, there are other foods to avoid increasing the energy in the body when entering the KFC, such as grilled chicken breast and thigh.
Obviously, if you do not eat fried foods, baked goods lower fat, and if you are careful in obesity and diet, we absolutely can not eat chicken skin because they are quite fat. In addition, we may replace fries with healthy salad or boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables of all kinds, to have a delicious meal that keeps health.

Subway's sandwiches Grilled chicken
Bread, tomato, lettuce and grilled meats are what make the dish. Contains only 280 calories, bread, this is the preferred food for those who want a low-calorie snack that much out.

Burger King hamburger barbecue
If you are addicted to the burger but do not want to gain weight, you can choose grilled burgers. In addition, the salad instead of fries is also a good idea. It should be noted that while enjoying snacks, you should remove mayo sauce to control the fat into the body.

McDonald's yogurt mixed vegetables
McDonald has changed strategy from food supply to fat foods contain less fat than to meet the needs of customers keeps weight. And the restaurant has made many more low-fat dishes. Food is typical yogurt mixed vegetables, it is mixed from mainly strawberries and blueberries Vietnam, very good for the health of users. A dish provides only 150 calories.

Chipotle's mixed salad
Chipotle is the fast food restaurant famous, they highlight his name became caliber philosophy offers fast food good for health. With a salad bowl filled with vegetables, beef or chicken and a small plate of rice provides only 250 calories, healthy salad recipes here are typical of Chipotle.

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